We provide specialist training for your company drivers in order to help you reduce risks to your employees and vehicles, reduce costs, and help you to comply with current Health and Safety regulations. We will help you as a company to identify risk in the working practices, as well as helping your employees to identify risk factors in their own driving. Once risks have been identified, we can help you reduce or eliminate them completely.

We also help to educate employers by offering advice and training on the legal requirements of operating employed drivers within their business including 'grey fleet' obligations.

Our aim is to deliver the best training possible and endeavour to create a good learning environment with an appropriate trainer client relationship. We are passionate about what we offer. Each course will generally consist of:

  • A brief presentation
  • Driving license check
  • Eyesight test
  • Vehicle road worthiness checks
  • Training on different road environments (country, town, motorway etc.)
  • Demonstration drive by trainer (subject to insurance conditions)
  • Your vehicles need to be insured, taxed and MoT'ed
  • Vehicles can be supplied at additional cost

Below you will find a list of the courses we offer:

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