What can ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training offer you?

A breif look at our services:

  • Fleet driver training in all areas of UK
  • Driving Licence checking service
  • Eyesight check (before any on road driver training)

Driver Skill Training Courses:

We also offer occupational road risk presentations with hard hitting, thought provoking media clips covering the following elements

  • Company drivers (the risks we face)
  • Attitude and behaviour
  • Inappropriate speed
  • Fatigue and stress
  • Drink/drug driving
  • Crash analysis
  • Distractions (phone/satnav and communication)
  • Highway Code assessment

The Highway Code assessment is designed so that your drivers are ranked high, medium or low risk, so that training can be targeted to those that need it the most.

Any of the above can go towards a more confident, better skilled and more importantly, a safer workforce.