Energy Saving Trust Ecodriving Training Course


Save fuel and cut carbon emissions

with Energy Saving Trust

approved ecodriving training

You can improve MPG by up to 15 per cent and reduce fuel costs by training employees to become more efficient drivers.

Our training is relevant to all drivers and is based on extensive research into the technical and behavioural issues associated with reducing fuel consumption.


  • reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions
  • increase MPG by up to 15 per cent
  • potentially save hundreds of pounds a year per driver
  • lower the risk of vehicle accidents
  • reduce vehicle wear and tear
  • demonstrate your commitment to the environment

Training delivered to suit you

Our training is approved by the Energy Saving Trust and delivered by highly experienced DVSA-registered Fleet Trainers. Training can be tailored to meet your needs.


You can choose convenient starting and finishing locations.


You can choose between car or van based training.


For large bookings we offer an online scheduling tool that allows your drivers to book their own training slots and receive automated email reminders.


Content can be tailored to focus exclusively on ecodriving or can include training on particular aspects of driver safety.

“Since the training took place, fuel consumption has reduced across our fleet by more than 20 per cent. Some of which is from efficiencies gained from our vehicle replacement programme, which accounts for about 8 per cent of the fleet per annum, but the remainder is generally felt to be from better driving practices. When a fleet uses about 200,000 litres of fuel a year, as we do, this soon adds up.”

Energy Saving Trust Approved Ecodriving Training Courses

Rob Newman, Service Improvement &
Tenant Involvement Manager, Gravesham
Borough Council.