ECOSAFE Fuel Efficient Driving Course

Fuel Guage On Empty
Foot on Accelerator

Fuel Efficient Driving Course

This course used to be marketed and supported by the government as SAFED (safe and fuel efficient driving) or 'Van Best Practice'. Due to cut backs this very valuable and worthwhile course is unfortunately no longer funded by the Department of Transport ending on 01 April 2010.

However ECOCSAFE still delivers this popular course as it's 'Fuel Efficient Driving Course'


  • Forward planning to reduce fuel costs
  • How to avoid sharp acceleration and harsh braking
  • How to be selective with gears
  • Controlling engine speed and engine loads
  • Ensuring vehicle routine maintenance is optimal


  • Duration:   3 Hours
  • Venue:   In Vehicle


  • This type of training course really does pay for itself
  • With the ever increasing cost of fuel many companies are looking at ways to help the driver increase miles per gallon. This half day course can change the way your drivers think and improve their driving techniques to achieve a realistic fuel saving of 10% - 15% (Industry recognised expectations)