ECOSAFE Hazard Awareness and Defensive Driving Techniques

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Hazard Awareness and Defensive Driving Techniques

The main part of the training on this course teaches your employees to improve their awareness and observation skills and so reduce their driver risk levels. Drivers learn techniques which encourage them to control the position and speed of their vehicles whilst adapting to road and traffic conditions. Your drivers will be encouraged to drive in a more eco-friendly and fuel efficient
way and with more mechanical sympathy to the vehicle.


  • Enhanced perception and awareness skills
  • Selected use of gears
  • Progressive use of accelerator
  • Compliance with speed limits
  • Utilisation of engine braking and/or torque
  • Use of cruise control
  • A full written report and risk assessment will be completed
  • Recommendations for further training


  • Duration:   3 Hours
  • Venue:   In Vehicle


  • Safer driving - Fewer accidents
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Lower stress levels and fatigue
  • Reduction vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduced vehicle maintence costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint