ECOSAFE Managing Occupational Road Risk Non-Compliance

What if I do nothing?

Work-related road accidents are much more expensive than many employers realise. The cost is much more than the garage bill for your vehicle and much less might be covered by insurance than you have assumed. Some items cannot be covered by insurance and the following is a list of items you may find you have to cover yourself.

  • Loss of company reputation and contracts
  • Fines and cost of prosecution
  • Damage to products/plant/building and equipment
  • Staff down time for medical appointments/attendance at court etc
  • Replacement staff costs and sick pay
  • Loss of production or production delays
  • Increased insurance premiums and excess
  • Excess on a claim
  • Offenders' own legal fees
  • Claims from third parties
  • Accident investigation and paperwork
  • Repairs to damaged equipment
  • Alternative transport for repair duration
  • Inconvenience
  • Re-delivery
  • Management and administrative time

Surely it is better not to have a crash in the first place, as other employers have proved that some simple measures any firm can take will make one much less likely to happen.

Best practice is to Manage Occupational Road Risk, MORR, the ECOSAFE Fleet way by complying with Health and Safety regulations and respecting Duty of Care to Employees rather than risking the almost inevitable consequences of non-compliance.

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