Grey Fleet Approach

Grey Fleet Approach

Grey fleet - Using private cars for business travel

The term 'grey fleet' is applied to private cars that are used for business purposes and when employees are paid a fixed mileage allowance. You may find it convenient to offer this option as an alternative to providing pool cars or arranging to rent vehicles daily, particularly if you have staff that travel short distances or travel infrequently for business.

Managing the 'Grey Fleet'

Companies have the same duty of care towards grey fleet drivers as they do to other drivers who ‘drive for work’. Companies must make sure that all ‘grey fleet’ vehicles are properly serviced, maintained and insured for business use before any privately-owned vehicle is used for company business.

‘Grey Fleet’ vehicles can be categorised as:

  • ‘Cash-for-car’ (obtained via an employee-car-ownership scheme)
  • A privately-owned vehicle being used on company business
  • A vehicle that an employee uses for business purposes (hire vehicles)
  • An ‘authorised’ non-employee driving a company-owned vehicle

In all these cases, the company (and/or fleet manager) still has a Duty of Care towards the driver and the public at large. To comply with the current legislation you must at least be able to answer ‘Yes’ to all the following questions for every business trip:

  • Is the vehicle roadworthy and appropriate for business use?
  • Does the vehicle have a valid MOT certificate (if applicable)?
  • Is the vehicle displaying a valid road tax disc?
  • Is the driver legally allowed to drive the vehicle concerned using a valid driving license?
  • Has the driving license been confirmed with DVLA?
  • Is the driver fit to drive?
  • Has the driver got appropriate insurance that covers business trips?

Are you doing enough?

According to Department of Transport/HSE/ARVAL statistics, approximately 34% of organisations admitted they do not have ‘Grey Fleet’ procedures in place for checking; driving licenses, mot certificates, insurance cover, road tax and service records.

Benefits of ECOSAFE Fleet help

ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd can help you manage your ‘grey fleet’ obligations through the suite of the training courses offered on this website.

By choosing ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd courses, expertise and advice you can expect to gain from the following benefits:

  • Financial Savings (lower insurance premiums, fewer repairs, reduced sick pay)
  • Peace of mind (compliance, Health & Safety)
  • Improved public image and business performance
  • Lower Environmental impact (lower CO2 emissions)