Fuel Efficient Driver Training

ECOSAFE - Driver Training in Fuel Efficiency

Fleet managers face many pressures and `green’ issues are perhaps not always top of their agenda. But for all businesses it’s becoming increasingly important to know what their carbon footprint is and how they can manage and reduce it. The cost of fuel is a burden for any business with vehicles, particularly when prices are close to record levels and environmental legislation continues to be more stringent. Company boards also recognise the customer and shareholder appeal of corporate social responsibility policies in which the environment is a focal point. For them it’s just plain good business sense.

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The manner in which your vehicles are driven plays a large part in how much fuel is used and therefore the amount of CO₂ emitted. Heavy acceleration or braking and excessive speed are driving characteristics that have the biggest negative impact on fuel consumption, not to mention the driver safety and cost aspect. This should be viewed on a company level.

"It is about setting a company standard by which your staff can be benchmarked
a company-wide, fully-supported and stringent green driving policy."

The purpose of 'fuel-saving driver training' is to change the behaviour of the driver. Practical lessons involve coaching the driver’s greater awareness and anticipation skills, keeping revs down and making fuel-efficient gear changes. These small changes to driving style can collectively make a big difference to overall fuel efficiency and could result in a saving of about 14%. Efficient driving can also mean reduced wear and tear on the vehicle and a better resale value, and less frequent vehicle replacement.

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News that a company might be spending more on fuel than it needs to would probably not go down well at boardroom level, but the biggest variable when it comes to fuel consumption is the driver.

ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training Ltd can deliver a comprehensive fuel-efficient driving course
comprising fuel efficient presentation, on-road driver training and risk assessment to meet your HSE/Duty of Care obligations.