ECOSAFE Promotion - Free Demonstration

ECOSAFE Current Promotion

We are confident that through a programme of driver education and training we can make your driver’s

  • Safer
  • More fuel efficient
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicles
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Increase residual value of vehicles

Improved performance behind the wheel should also help staff feel more relaxed and composed after driving to meet a new prospect or existing client. This has to be of benefit to productivity and efficiency.

We will offer you our initial free consultation on how to manage occupational road risk (MORR) and give a director, HR manager or fleet manager a free 1½ hour on-road training demonstration.

All we require from you is to provide the vehicle for the on-road driver training demonstration as per our terms and conditions below, plus our travelling expenses @ 0.20p per mile if your location is outside the green area, less 50 miles each way as we class this as commuting (50 mile radius of Birmingham), so any location within the green area of the map is totally free of any charge.


Terms and conditions:

PROVISION OF VEHICLE (On Road Driver Training)

The Client will provide an appropriate vehicle and sufficient fuel in a safe, legal and clean condition for the duration of training with appropriate and lawful authorisation to be driven on the public roads of the United Kingdom or any other country in which training is being conducted.


(a) The Client will ensure that while using any vehicle for the purposes of the training, both its Delegates and any trainer provided by ECOSAFE are covered by a valid policy of insurance, indemnity or security in respect of third party risks so as to comply with statutory requirements at the time of delivery.

(b) To the extent that such matters are not covered by insurance pursuant to the last paragraph, ECOSAFE by referral to its insurers will indemnify the Client and its Delegates against any personal injury resulting from the negligence of ECOSAFE, its sub-contractors or agents. ECOSAFE shall not be liable to the Client or its Delegates for any other loss or damage including loss of contents, personal effects or profits.

(c) Subject to paragraphs (a) and (b), the Client will indemnify ECOSAFE, its employees, sub-contractors and agents in full against any Personal injury, damage to property and any other loss, liability or expense which may result from any act or default of The Client or any of its Delegates or other employees, or which may arise for any other reason in the course of the driving instruction or associated activities.