Lightfoot® – proactive driver technology combined with telematics

With ever increasing pressure to reduce costs, improve safety, save fuel and minimise risk, many fleets are looking for technology solutions that can help them to tackle these issues.

We are therefore pleased to introduce you to Lightfoot® – which is an intuitive and easy-to-use in-vehicle, driver improvement technology solution for fleets of all sizes. Manufactured in the UK by our partner Ashwoods Automotive Group, it also comes with the option of full telematics and vehicle tracking functionality.

Lightfoot® is recognised and endorsed by organisations such as the FTA, Allianz Insurance and the Institute of Advanced Motorists for its unique ability to proactively change and improve driver performance – with minimal effort from managers.

Lightfoot® is proven to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by over 10%
  • Reduce “at-fault” accidents by as much as 50%.

lightfoot device

lightfoot driver efficiency score

lightfoot vehicle tracking

How Does It Work?

The Lightfoot® device connects to the vehicle CANbus to monitor vehicle performance. It uses a small in-vehicle Driver Aid which proactively assists the driver by warning them the instant they move away from the engine’s “sweet spot”. Lightfoot® also lets drivers know when they need to change gear.

The unique nature of this real-time interaction puts the driver in control – allowing them to manage and improve their own driving behaviour. This all results in driving that is safer, more fuel efficient and less damaging to your vehicles and the environment.

Coupled with this is simple automated summary reporting, which provides fleets with easy visibility of sustained improvements in driver behaviour (or quick visibility of problem areas).

GPS Tracking & Telematics (option) Lightfoot® comes with the options of a comprehensive, feature-rich but easy-to-use web-based tracking solution which is available for only £2 per month extra.

Features include:

  • Live tracking with Live Traffic
  • Journey histories
  • Geofencing
  • 24-7 PC/smartphone access
  • Road-specific speeding

Free Consultation

Our partner Ashwoods Automotive Group have kindly agreed to offer ECOSAFE clients a free consultation and demonstration - contact us now on 0800 689 9093 to make arrangements.