How to Implement Your Driver Management Policy

Getting Started

  1. Designate a director to be responsible for managing occupation road risk
  2. Communicate a clear message to their staff about their approach to road safety, through a series of policies
  3. Set up systems and allocate duties to key members of staff
  4. Carry out risk assessments of their procedures
  5. Provide adequate driver training
  6. Monitor and review performance
  7. Seek advice from one of the ECOSAFE Fleet Driver Training team, telephone 0800 6899093

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The Benefits are Clear and Compelling

There are major benefits on both a personal and a business  level by educating yourself and your employed drivers. Driver education should not be seen as a chore. The Management of Occupational Road Risk (MORR) is an employer obligation on all businesses and may need to be addressed. We can help and advise on these areas of responsibility.

The advantages are:


  • Fuel costs – DOWN by 10%-15% §
  • CO₂ emissions – DOWN
  • Vehicle Repair & Running Costs – DOWN 5% §
  • Insurance Premiums – DOWN 15% §
  • Crashes and Scrapes – DOWN 25% to 40%
  • Incident administration costs and investigation work
  • Costs related to ill health – stress, accident, fatigue

§ industry recognised expectations


  • Road and workplace SAFETY
  • Increased PROFITS as a result of savings gained
  • Employer legal PROTECTION
  • ECONOMY by effective and efficient use of vehicles
  • PERCEPTION of public image and reputation
  • STAFF MORALE as a respected part of service provision
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION increased service reliability